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Northamptonshire Phillimore Parish Records (Marriages) Volumes 01 and 02 on one CD

Northamptonshire Phillimore Parish Records (Marriages).

Castor 1538-1812; Croughton 1663-1812; Dodford 1581-1812; Everdon 1558-1812; Farthingstone 1538-1812; Faxton 1570-1837; Glinton 1567-1812; Harpole 1538-1812; Heyford 1558-1837; Lamport 1587-1837; Northampton St Peter's 1578-1812; Northborough 1538-1812; Peakirk 1617-1812; Stoke Bruerne 1561-1812; Stowe Nine Churches 1560-1837; Weston by Welland and Sutton Bassett 1570-1812.

ISBN: 9781861503909

Publisher: S&N Genealogy Supplies

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