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Parish Records on CD

Putting the Records onto CD

Almost everyone has a computer nowadays. And with more and more people interested in researching their family history, there is demand for old records to be made available for viewing using a computer. Most of the old Parish Records are on either microfiche and microfilm, or in a book. S&N Genealogy Supplies have Parish Records on CDmade Parish Records available on CD by scanning in each microfiche, microfilm, and book. Each page has been scanned several times to get the best possible results. If some are missing or unreadable on the original microfilm, microfiche or book, those images are obtained and included on the CDs.

Viewing the Records on CD

The Parish Record images are in PDF format, and can be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat browser provided with the CDs. They are bookmarked by year and place/parish. Once images are displayed on your screen, you can zoom in and out, move the image around, and even rotate the image 90 degrees, something that can be useful when printing.

If you are unsure about whether you will find your ancestors in a particular Parish, the records are also available to search online at a low price.

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