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Phillimore's Marriage Records

Books of Phillimore's Marriage RegistersWho was Phillimore?

W.P. Phillimore, born William Phillimore Watts Stiff, was the son of Dr Stiff, a Nottingham Doctor. He later took the name Phillimore from the family of his grandmother. While educated as a lawyer, he was also a publisher of books. In later life, he began to transcribe marriage registers, which he later printed in book form. When he died in 1914, he had covered 1200 parishes from different counties in 200 volumes. He founded Phillimore & Co. Ltd in 1897, which have been publishing British local and family history for over a century.

Phillimore's Marriage Records

Phillimore Marriage Records are a series of books published in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by Phillimore & Co. Ltd. They cover marriages from various parishes from each county, however there may be some omission as some of the registers have not survived. In some counties, the coverage of parishes is very good, whereas in other counties just a few parishes were transcribed - most counties do not have every parish transcribed.

Original parish records are usually stored in a county record office. These can be viewed by the public, but the archivists are reluctant to allow handling of these old and unique books.

The Phillimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers

The Phillimore Atlas & Index of Parish RegistersThis book contains pre 1832 parish boundary maps, 1834 county maps and details of how to locate both original records and copies of them. The coverage of the IGI is also given.

A great resource for all those looking for locations of old parishes and where the records are located.

This product is available from S&N Genealogy Supplies.

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