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How to Find the Records you Need

This is an example of how to find an ancestor online, using TheGenealogist. In this example I will be searching for a marriage record for John Bailey, who got married in Taunton in 1600. I am unsure about the exact date, but should be able to narrow ir down.

Choosing to Search Somerset Marriage Registers   Typing John Bailey into the Search Terms box
1. I began by selecting Somerset Marriage Registers from the Parish Records menu, and clicked search.   2. On the search page, I entered the name of the person I was searching for as my search terms.

Selecting which Parishes to search in One of the results The 'View this Page' buttonThe entry for John Bailey
3. As I didn't know which Parish he was married in, I chose to search all three of the Taunton Parishes. I then clicked the 'Search' button to being my search. 4. With 8 results, I chose the ones that matched 'john bailey' exactly. (The other results weren't what I wanted, e.g. 'john bragg & sarah bailey'). 5. When I clicked the view button, a new window opened and brought up the page of the PDF document with my result. I found the person I was searching for in the second result I clicked. The image shows that they were married on the 12th October 1600.

Useful Features of the Parish Record Search on TheGenealogist

  • When searching, you are able to select more than one parish to search in.
  • A menu bar at the top of the PDF document gives you the option of viewing the previous and next page of the Parish Register book you are viewing.
  • A search pane is on the right hand side of the window when the PDF document is open, which (in this case) gives you a list of all the other John's found in that document.
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