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Devon & Cornwall - Previously Unpublished Phillimore Parish Records

These hand written transcripts giving marriages only cover the following parishes -Berrynarbor, Devon 1540-1783; Bridgerule, Devon 1702-1753; Challacomb, Devon 1673-1834; Farringdon, Devon 1620-1788; Germoe, Cornwall 1813-1837;Grade, Cornwall; 1813-1837; ,Pinhoe, Devon 1687-1837; Lynton-on-Linton, Devon 1568-1837;Plymstock, Devon 1591-1812;Rewe and Upene, Devon 1686-1837;Ruan Minor, Cornwall 1813-1837;St Agnes, Cornwall 1813-1837;St Allen, Cornwall 1813-1840;St Andrews Plymouth 1653-1674; Wambrook, Devon; 1655-1837; Witheridge, Devon 1646-1837

ISBN: 9781861504715

Publisher: S&N Genealogy Supplies

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