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Phillimore's Marriage Indexes on CD-ROM

These parish records of marriages - with, for some parishes, baptisms and burials - were transcribed by volunteers, edited by W.P.W Phillimore and Frederic Johnson and published by Phillimore and Co. in the latter part of the 19th and the early part of the 20th centuries. Produced by S&N Genealogy Supplies, the CD-ROMs contain scanned images from the printed page, enhanced to improve readability.

The images are easy to read and print clearly. All text can be searched and names and part-names easily found. When a name is located, the appropriate page is displayed and the name is highlighted.

Each volume is on a single CD-ROM disc. Parishes on that disc are listed on the CD cover. As some counties were covered in much greater depth than others, there are 26 volumes for Cornwall, two for Devon, 22 for Nottinghamshire and two for Kent. Very few northern counties are included.

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